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help to driveMotorcycle riding see also and .com School in Pretoria East does Motorcycle Training to pass the K53 test for motorcycles. This is dangerous please have a helmet. We charge R400ph using our bike which has been fitted with anti-tilt bars for beginners. Taken off when you do your test. Using your bike its R300ph. We practice at grounds that charge R258/per hour at Presley's and Madisons night club situated in entrance Frank street Die Wilgers. Using our bike its R400 per hour. Ive been doing this since 1996.

You may use our bike at R300ph you 'll need only about 2 or 3 hours so its not an expensive licence its under R1000.

The amount of hours you will need to pass your motorcycle licence test will depend on various co-ordination factors. There are certain criteria to be meet ( 7  modules ) by the government and once you have met these requirements, you are ready to begin with the process of obtaining a motorcycle licence, some are dangerous to attempt without proper training.  Appointments to get your licence is made by us through the government website. NATIS

We can provide you with a motorcycle to use on the day of the test in Pretoria at a fee of R750+ depends on area and we can make the PRELIMINARY booking for you at a fee of R150.

Please remember that only the client may confirm their appointment.  We can get you an appointment online we charge R200 but you still have to go there in person to confirm it.

 For further enquirers ask Adrian 0836700700  has been teaching on bikes since 1996. 1996.See. 

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